To maintain the cleanliness and hygiene in your home you have to take in account that it is not just about cleaning the dirt from the surfaces, because the tools play a very important role in the care of it. In this way, it happens with the case of the mops. To no one is a secret the ease with which they can get dirty and stained but, for this, there are several tips that can be implemented to keep them clean.

Each time you use the mop for cleaning tile floor, for example, you must pass it through water and try to make it as clean as possible. This will help the dirt not adhere so easily.

As the first important tip that must be taken into account, we have the fact that the mop has many fibers in which the remains of food can adhere so, because of that, before mopping the surface you have to remove the remains of it. This will prevent staining the mop too much.

On the other hand, if you are working with hardwood floor, perhaps, one more thing to keep the mop clean is not leaving it in the bucket when cleaning, mainly because the chemicals used to clean can damage the fibers and the stick of the mop. At the same time, this causes the mop to acquire moisture and the smell of dirt is remaining reflected in the mop.

It is recommended that once you have finished this cleaning process; do not use the mop immediately. What you can do is let it dry completely in a special area or where you usually hang it and then use it. To dry it, the best recommendation is to leave it in the air, this is because the air easily penetrates all the fibers of the mop and manages to eliminate the bacteria that have been stuck to it and will prevent odors from being generated by humidity.

Remember that this is a superficial cleaning of the mop and a deep cleaning should be done at least once a month, this can be done with a bucket full of water and a few drops of dishwasher, the mop is introduced several times to impregnate everything and then it is rinsed hard and allowed to air. In case you have already acquired a bad odor due to humidity, you can let it soak for at least 30 minutes, and it will help to solve this problem. If your concern is that it contains bacteria, you can use the bleach together with soap and water and leave it to soak for at least 15 minutes.

A different significant recommendation is to vacuum all loose dirt, like dust, before using the mop. For that purpose, vacuum cleaners can be used if you are cleaning laminated floors or backpack vacuums for cleaning other surfaces. Similarly, the cleaning of the mop is not the only one that matters, it is ideal to clean the bucket used for cleaning since the dirty can stick to to the walls of the mop if it is not cleaned regularly and detached at the time of cleaning, using it again with the mop which can soil it. If you have pets at home, especially if they are puppies, it’s ideal to have two, one specifically for cleaning which is related to the animal, and another for the rest of the house. An extra good idea is to use different mops for the bathroom and the kitchen because they are the places in the house where there is the highest concentration of dirt.