Keynote speakers

AcademicLeadership Development (Prof. Pairat Thatchayaphong)
Quartet workshop
Development of Academic Leadership (Prof. Dr. Pirom Kamonrattanakun)
Learning in the 21st Century (Prof. Dr. Charas Suwanawel)
Article 5 Graduate Qualifications (Paitoon Sinlarat)
Articles on the Teacher’s Method for Knowledge Enhancement (Prof. Paitoon Sinsarat)
Performance Base Course (Associate Professor Banlng Sornnil)

Prof.Gunter Saunders

CV Professor Gunter Saunders
AssessmentSurvey-Harry Temmink
BKK Plenary theme 2
BKK Plenary theme 2 Part 1
David Hearnshaw – bb discussion boards
Experience of a subject area in using Blackboard (after MAD amendment)
Stanka Winch – bb wikis blogs and eportfolios
Tony Fidget – bb assesments open book
eds_catherding_low (clip VDO)

Oral presentation

Interactive Learning in Architectural Project Management by Web Application Suvanabhumi Residential Project
The process of establishing the structure and development of the Bachelor of Arts program Sufficiency Economy Program
The process of curriculum development (Prof. Kobkaew Manomaiphiboon)
Evaluation of practice skills for enhancing advertising creative academic set
Evaluation of the effectiveness of interactive programs using multimedia (Teacher Anan Chaiyakulwathana)
Assessment of the Master of Science Program (Teacher Thanuma Chantharaprasert)
Student Potential Development in Community Health Program (Yupa Aphikomonkorn)
Curiosity Based Learning B Sumronthong Jul08 (Teacher Butsamrongthong)
The development of tons of teaching-learning management at the tertiary level by using research as base 1 (Phong Chaviungwalai)
Project for developing tons of teaching-learning management at a tertiary level using research-based 2 (Phong Chaviungwalai)
Modifying research results on seaweed (Teacher Piyachat Jittham)
Nong Sister 1 (Parinya Arunwisut)
Teacher Charoen Chum Mass
Assessment Authoring software Bloom’s Taxonomy cadcam2 questions CIPPA model
Competencies Constructivism Environment Instructionist KPI – studentt
KPI – teacher Monitoring PBL vs Instrustional Practical Questions
storyline student centered


Bangkok MLC Meyer
BKK Workshop (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anuphap Lekakul)
Constructivism and Autonomy of Learning (Asst. Prof. Sudaporn Laksani Nawin)
Criteria for curriculum content selection
New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standard for Science
A Model of Postsecondary Curriculum Development, Implementation, and Assessmentfor Packaging Education